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How to applique using a heat fusible product (double sided sticky tape for fabric)…

I use an iron adhesive called ‘Heat ‘n’ bond’ -Ultrahold.
I love it because it’s really secure, doesn’t come off and you can wash it many times and the fabric still stays in place.

It has 2 sides, a plain white paper side and a rough glue side.

applique 1

To applique, you need your template.

applique 2

I’ve chosen the letter ‘I’ because it’s a particularly difficult one as it you can get it upside down or back to front.

With my tricky templates I write ‘right’ so I know which is the right side (the side I want to see on the finished item) and it shows me which way up the template should go.

Turn your template over so you are looking at the wrong side -you can see I use no fancy card to make my templates, cereal packets are great!

Put the template on the plain white side of the Heat ‘n’ Bond and draw round it.

applique 3

This shows the template the wrong way round with the drawn round shape also the wrong way round.

With appliquéing you have to do the wrong way to get the right way!

applique 5

Cut your shape out.

applique 6

Iron it. (I am obsessed with ironing throughout my projects at all stages. It really gives a much better finish.)

Lay it right side down (the lovely pattern you want to see is facing away from you)

applique 7

Lay it on your fabric to check it will fit (it should do as you’ll have measured it before you started but you never know how little bits of fabric can get mixed up)

LAY IT STICKY SIDE DOWN!! This is really important because if it isn’t the right way you will stick the letter to your iron! I have done this and it’s annoying to clean off!

applique 8

Iron on the template using a medium heat. If the heat is too high it can burn your fabric or overheat the glue.

applique 9

Cut it out.

applique 10

Turn it over and you have the lovely fabric on the right side. I’ve put the template next to it to show how it is the right size and shape.

applique 11

Peel off the back paper. You will see a layer of glue.

applique 12

Put it onto your chosen fabric, again checking to see it fits and laying it glue side down.

applique 13

Iron it on.

applique 14

To finish your applique.

You can hand stitch a blanket stitch, use your machine to blanket stitch or use a zig zag stitch to edge it.

This is purely for decoration. If you have used the Ultra hold Heat ‘n’ bond you wouldn’t have to sew but I like to edge as it looks much more ‘finished.’ Blanket stitch is a great decorative stitch to have on your machine. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do with your machine’s decorative stitches have a look at this decorative stitch cushion tutorial. it’s very easy to do and gives you a totally unique fabric of your own.

applique 15

Nearly done…

applique 16

The finished letter ‘I’ appliqued onto a crisp white cotton fabric and edged with a lovely light green blanket stitch.

It’s fully washable so long as you don’t boil it!

This is the technique I used to make my gingerbread man quilt and follow this link for the 1st part of my ‘How to make a simple patchwork quilt’ tutorial.


  • Thank you, your tutorial was very clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to trying this method out on my next project, named cushions for my nieces and nephews.

  • Thanks for your instructions. Wish I would of seen this earlier. LOL. (-: Do have a suggestion how I can remove the glue from my “silver” ironing board cover? Thanks!

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