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‘Make friends with your sewing machine’ Part 1 – Threading a bobbin.

Threading a Bobbin

How to load the bobbin with thread.

Here’s  a diagram of the average sewing machine’s important parts!

sewing machine course 1

Red – Bobbin winder spindle

Black – thread holder (spool pin)

Blue – Hand winder (hand wheel)

Yellow – Speed adjuster

White – Take up lever

Yellow – Speed adjuster

Light green – The black lead is for electricity and the white is for the foot pedal

Purpled – reverse button

Pink – Bobbin holder

Green – needle

Turquoise – Thread tension dial.

Now you’re ready to start…

sewing machine course 2

Put your chosen thread onto the thread holder (spool pin) putting the white
plastic disc (spool holder) on the end to keep it in place. Use a large plastic
disc for larger spools of the thread and smaller discs for smaller spools of

sewing machine 3

This is an empty bobbin case notice there are 2 holes in it…

sewing machine 4

Take the thread and wrap it round the metal circle (bobbin winder thread guide) and bring it back across the top of the machine and into the bobbin and out the top of one of the holes.

sewing machine course 5

Here is a picture of the thread going into the empty bobbin and back out the hole.

sewing machine course 6

Put the bobbin onto your machine on the winder spindle.

sewing machine course 7

Push your bobbin to the right to click it in place. (It will not wind if you don’t click it in place)

sewing machine course 8

Hold the thread up so it doesn’t get tangled.

sewing machine course 9

Press the foot pedal to start winding the bobbin.

sewing machine course 10

Once you have a little thread on the bobbin stop the machine and trim the spare thread.

sewing machine course 12

Carry on and load the bobbin with thread.

Now you’ve loaded the bobbin with thread next it’s time to thread the machine…

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  • Thank you! I didn’t know why there are holes in the bobbin! – I struggle with loading the bobbin so I’m looking forward to your blog on that. (I know ‘what’ to do IYSWIM but it always takes several attempts) Will you be blogging about tension? I’ve never really understood how/why you choose? Is there a ‘rule of thumb’?

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