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How to Make a Simple patchwork Quilt Part 6 – Backing and finishing off the quilt.

 You’ve nearly finished your quilt!

Lay your quilt out flat as you need to trim the wadding.


Cut the wadding to the edge of your quilt top


Here it is all trimmed.


Now lay out your backing fabric right side down (the pattern faces the carpet)


Then lay your quilt out on the top with the right side facing you. (As in the picture) Smooth out the fabrics so there are no lumps and bumps. You need to decide how wide you would like your border. I have decided that mine will be 5cms so to do this I need 10cms of fabric all the way round. Measure your chosen width (what you’d like then double that and that’s the amount of fabric you need round the outside) and trim the backing fabric so you have a border that is double what you would like as your finished border to be.


Next, fold your border fabric so it meets the edge of your quilt top.


Fold the border again this time it will go onto the top of your quilt. Smooth out and then pin.


Continue folding an pinning down the length of your quilt.


Once you’ve done one side, move onto the others.

To neaten the corners fold again first to the fabric edge as before,


and again…


Then pin. There are lots of ways to form the corners, you can trim the fabric if it’s too thick and won’t lay flat and you can mitre the corners rather than having them straight lined like in this tutorial. I find this is the easiest way for a beginner to make a corner.


Here’s the backed and pinned quilt.


Now you need to sew the border to hold the backing on.

You can use your machine to sew it if you like but this will leave a sewn line through to the back of the quilt. It is quicker to use the machine. I hand sew my quilts as I like the decorative stitching and for me this forms part of the overall design.

I use thicker cotton called ‘Perle’ as I like to see the thread.

Come through from the back of the border to be sewn to the front as in the picture. (I’m using black thread so you can see what I mean!)


Now catch a few of the fibre threads from the fabric (don’t go through to the back) on your quilt top.


Then take a few of the fibres of your border again a little further up the quilt.


Pull the thread through and repeat the stitch and you’ll get a lovely little straight across stitch all the way up your border.


And once you’d sewn all round the border you’ve finished your quilt!


Now to start another one?


  • These tutorials are wonderful! I was searching for help on my first project and now I have it! Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Thank you for a very user friendly and inspirational tutorial. I am looking forward to getting started ! Thank you for such clear steps !

  • Thank you for a easy to understand tutorial some others are very complicated and hard to follow

  • This is a perfect and easy tutorial to follow. This will be my wedding gift to my best friend, a keep sake to passed on. X

  • Fantastic tutorial. Very helpful for the beginner. I can’t wait to get started

  • Hi there! I know I’m a couple years late to this party, but your instructions are so helpful( I am still pretty intimidated but hoping I can make this work. My only question is about the backing. Do you just sew however many pieces you need together?

  • extremely well explained great for the beginner I found it very easy to understand as am a very slow learner thank you so much

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