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My Brother’s Record Collection no 1 – Rick Astley ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’

rick astleyWhilst in the garage the other day clearing out all the usual rubbish that we keep because we convince ourselves that we need it, will use it, will find a new home for it, I found something quite special. Nestling in the corner of the garage not having been touched by mice (which is very unusual in our garage) still in the same original hand built box to hold them was my brother’s record collection. I brought it into the house and had a quick flick through and all the memories came flooding back of that time with those sounds filling the pictures with music…

The first one I saw was Rick Astley’s ‘Whenever You need Somebody’. Now this brings back lots of memories of my brother. He was very popular when I was little. He’s 6 years older than me and I can remember girls stood at the top of our road waiting for me to pass messages onto him all smiling and giggling. I thought they were idiots (being 6 years younger and having no hormones running about my system I totally did not understand them) but I did as they asked. At that time my brother had a yellow Triumph Herald that he adored. He would drive it proudly both with the roof up and down and always with the stereo blaring. He would take me to orchestra with my ‘cello leant across me in the front seat, people would look at him and he loved it.

I have one particular fond memory of him taking me into our local town (Newbury) and driving down the high street on the most gorgeously sunny day. The roof was down the music was blaring and as the traffic was slow people really stopped to look. Not being one to shy away from an audience my brother then started boogieing in the car much to my embarrassment. This continued as the traffic crawled up the high street for about 10 mins and after a while he had quite an audience. Rick Astley was blaring out and he was singing along. At that time Rick Astley had been quite a star releasing some good songs that did well but he had fallen out of the pop scene either because he hated travelling or he wasn’t well. I didn’t really know the real answer I just noticed he wasn’t releasing songs anymore.

My brother drove through the green traffic lights and parked the car and I can’t really remember what we did or where we went but I do remember getting back to the car and seeing a note under the windscreen wipers and it started off ‘Dear Rick, I’m so glad that you seem better…’ and although I don’t remember what came next I do know that the people on Newbury high-street who watched a young man boogieing to a pop song with huge confidence actually thought they were watching Rick Astley. My brother looked just like him, it had been said before.

Memories are fun and when ever I hear ‘Whenever You Need Someone’ I remember the embarrassment, the silliness but above all the fun of that day. I remember the car and all the subsequent cars that the 3 of us children had and I also remember my grandparents sitting in the car whilst he took a photo of them as he was so proud of it and them.

I wonder what other delights there are in the box?

I’m just off for a look….

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