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How to Make a Simple Patchwork quilt part 4 – Sewing The Strips Together.

Now you’ve got your rows all sewn together in strips you need to put the strips together to make the finished top of the quilt.

Take your first strip and turn it over so you can see the seams. Open out the seams to press them flat.

Pquilt 1

Here’s the seam pressed.

pquilt 2

Now press all the seams in your first strip.

pquilt 3

Take your second strip and iron the seams flat too. You will then have the first two strips ready to pin together.

pquilt 4

Place the top strip on the bottom strip ‘right sides’ together. Remember this means the patterned sides together. Have a look at the photo below to check.

pquilt 5

Before you begin to pin match up the first 2 seams of the squares. I always start from the left and work to the right so when I sew all the fabric is to the left of the machine.

pquilt 6

Once you’ve matched up the seams you need to pin them together. Matching the seams means that the patchwork squares will be in the right places and you won’t have wonky lines.

pquilt 7

Remember I pin like this – horizontally and right to left (pin head is the right) -the ‘proper’ way to pin is going horizontally I just don’t like sewing over pins!

Here’s two seams pinned.

pquilt 8

Now add pins the middle of the squares.

pquilt 9

Here’s the two strips pined and ready to sew.

pquilt 10

Here’s the strip ready to sew. I pin so I have all my fabric on the left hand side of the machine so as the quilt top gets bigger there is space for the large amounts of material! I use the edge of the foot as a seam guide.

pquilt 11

When you’ve sewn the two strips together turn the fabric over and open out the seam as before ready to press them open.

pquilt 12

Press all the seams open.

pquilt 13

Now add another strip in the same way you did the first.

pquilt 15

All pinned and ready to sew!

pquilt 17

Here I am about to sew. This picture shows you what I mean about keeping the fabric to the left of the machine as the quilt grows larger.

pquilt 18

Keep adding strips until you’ve sewn them all on. Keep pressing the seams open and once you’ve finished the back of your quilt top will look like this:

pquilt 20

Click on this link for part 5.


  • Great tutorial. Can’t wait for the next!

    • Thanks Gracie! it should be out next Thursday xx

  • Love your tutorials!! Thank you for sharing x

    • That’s absolutely fine Carolyn! let me know how you get on xx

  • Hello is part 5 out yet, I can’t see it, I have a desperate 3 year old waiting to do the next part, thank you xx

    • Hi Katie, so sorry for the delay but it’s out now xx

  • I have part four of sewing strips together for patchwork but need part 1,2,3, if possible could you email me those instructions? I am having trouble lining up the seams for matching strips of fabric. The squares are out even though all were cut out with a 6″ templet drawn around before cutting out.

    Regards Lesley

  • For the past few years I have been avidly reading patchwork & quilting books and hoarding fabric etc. However I had not mustered the courage to start until I found your tutorials. They are so clear & practical!
    Started a small quilt for a new baby girl yesterday & I am now waiting impatiently for my wadding to arrive!
    Thank you so much for your lovely blog. I will share my finished attempt. 🙂

  • So excited. Have sewn all my rows together. Now to read the next step. I have not done anything like this. I’ve done knitting and crochet a thing or two. But sewing was never my thing (always my Mum’s thing. She passed away and my Dad gave me her sewing machine. Hey presto, I have 70 squares sewn together. Thank you. I hope I can manage the next step.

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