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Make a Patchwork Quilt Part 3 – Sewing the First Row

Once you’ve got your design worked out and you’ve labelled all of the squares so you can remember  it you’re now ready to start sewing.

Take the first 2 squares of your top row and lay them out like this;

quilt -row 1

Fabric has a ‘right’ side and a ‘wrong’ side which just means that the ‘right’ side is the fabric you want to see when you’ve finished the project. It’s generally the front of the fabric (the main pattern) with the more faded side on the back. You need to put ‘right sides together’ which means you put A2 onto A1 just like the photo below;

quilt row 1 (2)

Now pin down the right hand side as this is where you’ll start to sew.

 quilt - row 1 (3)

Pins are supposed to used horizontally, as above, because you can then safely sew over them. This makes sewing quicker as you don’t have to pause to take pins out. I must admit to having a bit of a fear about having pins this way as I don’t like sewing over them so I pin a little differently like this;

quilt row 1 (4)

With sewing there are so many ways to do many projects and I feel that taking the main points from instructions and then adapting them to the way you want to sew is perfectly fine.

quilt -row 1 (5)

Now to start sewing. Place your fabric under the presser foot ready to start. I use the edge of the foot as a seam guide and this has always worked well for me. Sew using a straight stitch making sure you go forwards and backwards at the beginning and end of your sewing to make sure nothing comes undone.

quilt -row 1 (6)

Once sewn open the squares out and you’ve begun your quilt top!

Go and get your next square…

quilt row 1 (7)

…here’s mine.

quilt row 1 (8)

Lay A3 onto A2 (as above) remembering they need to be ‘right sides together’ and pin as before. You’re ready to use the machine to sew down the right hand side just as you did with the first 2 squares.

quilt row 1 (9)

Do the same with the rest of the squares in row 1. Now you’ve finished your 1st row, only 9 more to go!

Continue sewing all the rows and once this has been done and in the next part we’ll sew the rows together.

Click on this link for part 4.

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