January 13, 2013 posted by littlewhitecottage

Sucking ice whilst eating soup?

Sometimes fun comes out of nowhere and that’s one of the things I love about my family. Spontaneity goes hand in hand with children whether it be an ‘up the back’ nappy in a service station when you’ve packed the car to the gunnels (and no idea where any spare trousers are), one of them bursting into an out of tune but gorgeous rendition of their favourite song or one of them shouting ‘I love you Mummy’ in a supermarket queue. They are fab and I am lucky.

Today we were eating tea and Henry accidentally slid on the bench whilst holding a spoonful of piping hot soup which then fell on his lip. He squealed, went red and then started to cry as we very soon found out that he had burned his lip. Oliver quickly thought about the situation, ran to the freezer and came back with an ice cube which Henry then put on his lip. After the initial sting died down he then put it on the table, put his hands behind his back and then tried to pick it with his mouth. Henry had invented the best game ever apparently and Oliver ran to the freezer to get himself an ice cube and after some encouragement got one for his little brother too.

So picture the scene…

We’re eating soup and the boys are laughing their heads off trying to pick up the ice cubes without using their hands. Like this;

ice 3

and this…


…complete with superhero cape and freshly ‘mummy made’ mask.

And henry, the originator of the game seemed to be the expert and also the best at the game!

ice 1

Here he is complete with a tomato soup ring round his face!

Fab, funny but above all silly and for that moment we just laughed and I loved it…


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