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Paper craft 3: Footprints in the grass…

051712_1246_Papercraft37.jpgWe’ve still a few pages from the magazine that we’ve been using this week to craft with. I know that Tobes is like any other 2 year old in that he finds it difficult to know which shoes go on which foot. I think this is something that we, as adults and parents, assume that they will just figure out and that a light bulb moment will happen and that they will just be able to know which foot is right for which shoe. I’ve been thinking about this and feel that by looking at our feet and his feet and drawing attention to the different shapes that 2 feet together make as opposed to 2 feet crossed over (as shoes on the wrong foot would give the appearance of) this may help him to work it out sooner. If not, we’ve had great fun drawing round our feet!

To make the footprints…


Take the pages out from the centre of the magazine. Keep them folded over as this helps to cut multiple ‘feet’ at the same time. We used a template that we’d drawn earlier so we didn’t have to use our feet for each and every foot. (Tobes did NOT want his foot to be used and insisted he drew round mine, oh well!)


Draw round the template. 2 sets will fit on the page if you point 1 foot up and the other down.


Cut them out and you have sets of feet!


I then used the laminator so we can use them outside but they will work perfectly well in doors without being laminated.


All laid out and ready to go. We looked at how our feet were shaped so that they bent in towards each other. We traced along out toes from one foot to the other to show how it was a curved line and that our big toes touched each other. We then put our shoes on the wrong feet and saw that there wasn’t a smooth line and our little toes were touching each other. It gave me the idea of doing a foot prints (left and right) with paint and laminating them to use in the cloakroom where they put their shoes. If they can put them back in the right place looking at the different shapes this will imprint on their visual memory and hopeful transfer into how it feels as it’s very difficult to run in wellies that are on the wrong feet!


Tobes had great fun trying to match his feet with the footprints on the grass. This is also a fab gross motor activity – using the larger muscles in the body and coordinating those muscles’ to do a required activity. He’s been very much looking forward to Henry coming home so they can play together! You may also notice that Tobes is dressed entirely backwards, I can tell you you’re looking at one determined little boy who likes to do things for himself!

Other ideas with the ‘feet’

1. Put numbers on them and see if your child can put them footprints in order.

2. Put the letters of their name and see if they can start to put them in the right order too.

3. Draw round their hands and have a handprint trail.

4. Spread them out differently, put them wide apart to see how we run, in pairs to show how we jump and just either the left or right foot only in a line to show how we how we hop.

5, You can use them to put wellies and shoes on in a utility room. This will give little ones a place to put them and keep the room a bit tidier.

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