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The Art Wall…

Those with children know that the art they create is fabulous. It’s beautiful, it’s colourful and it needs to be celebrated but it is tough to know what to do with the amount of art they produce. In our last house we had a floor to ceiling wall covered in all the children’s art and this was fabulous. I loved it, the children loved it and so did people who visited. The children knew they could put anything on the wall and it would stay up there as long as they wanted and it soon turned into not just an art wall but a wall of memories. When we moved where we are now there isn’t really a large space where we can put their art so it was collected and filed in the alcove behind the kitchen fire (it’s a non-working fire so it was safe!) I wasn’t overly happy with this arrangement as it was out of sight out of mind and there had to be a point to experimenting and practising all their art as I didn’t want it hidden away…

I’ve seen wall hangings before so I know they in their conception aren’t new. I wanted one that was personal to the boys, that had their names on and that they could choose what went on it just as the real wall in our last house had been. I wanted something that fitted in with how we live our lives and want out house to be so a padded wall hanging began to take shape in my head. The reason I wanted it padded was so that I could pin their work to it and it wouldn’t ruin a wall with sticky tape of bluetak. It was quick, not arduous and just a simple display of their art.

I used an off cut of sheeting that I had and then attached this to a length of wadding left over from a quilt. I hand sewed their names on the top and then backed the quilt using a green spotty fabric I have. I made this fabric slightly too big so I could turn it over on the right side to make a border and then hand sewed a red running stitch for decoration all the way around the border. To hand it I used double-sided sticky tape onto the green spotty fabric, cuts strips and covered a bamboo cane and then made loops to attach to the top to hold the bamboo cane.

Tobes came into the kitchen and was very excited; he wants to get on with his rainbow picture –something he’s wanted to do for a few days now – as he wants it to go on the art wall. All I wanted to do was value the children’s art and display it and for them to get a little bit excited to do art I think I’ve done that…

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  • Hi from a mummy with lots of very ‘important’ bits of cherubs artwork I think the art wall is a great idea and protects my wallpaper from blue tag!
    A lovely make. x

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