January 2, 2011 posted by note3793

New beginnings from the cottage…

Well, it’s amazing what spurns you on to learn a new skill! I could no longer have my little competitions for you lovely people due to facebook’s rules so now I have a blog 😮 Still, it was something I was wanting to do so maybe I should be grateful to them as it’s here earlier than I’d planned.

We’d had little chats on facebook so now, maybe, we can continue the longer discussions on here. I don’t have a purposeful list of subjects but I can promise to tell you all about gorgeous fabric finds (I get ridiculously excited about fabric ) family life (I have 3 sons and 1 husband ) and competitions (Yes I said the dirty ‘C’ word) with a bit of home decorating and shameless self-promotion of my products thrown in. If you think that’s something you’d like to be a part of, follow my blog and we can have the 1st target competition!!! What do you all say -150 wins a prize??


  • Hope 2011 is an exciting and successful year for you. I look forward to following your story.
    Michelle from Isobella’s Tutu

  • I’m in – blog away! lol

  • I look forward to hearing all your news! Jess ripped some of her fav red tartan PJs a couple of nights ago so we are looking and thinking of something for you to turn them into! 😉

    • Would love to have a go at a Gingerbread girly!! Could make it into a dress?

  • Go for it girl!

  • Fab 2011 with lots of friends to support you xxx

  • I stumbled upon your wonderful facebook page today and I’m so glad that I did. I have never read a blog before (and never felt compelled to) but I’ve started reading yours and can honestly say I love it – I love your style of writing and can’t wait to read more.

    Please don’t disappoint!

    All the best, Jenny – from The Gift Boutique

    • Hi Jenny
      Thanks so much that was a lovely thing to read first thing in the morning. I’ll try not to disappoint!

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